e-Commerce Webinar Series for Small Business Owners

Russian River Chamber and Sonoma County

The Russian River Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Sonoma County, was looking for someone to help them with a series of webinars designed to enable local merchants to transition their businesses to a more online-centric model.

After two consecutive fire seasons, one serious flood, and the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Chamber wanted to create a program that would offer merchants, hoteliers, restauranteurs, and other local business owners, the opportunity to learn and ask questions regarding the basics of creating a web presence, utilizing mobile and other technologies, and the practical implementations of adding these components to their brick and mortar businesses.

  1. Design and create a four week classroom program using the Zoom webinar format
  2. Tailor topics around actual Chamber member businesses
  3. Be available to answer general and business specific questions from participants
  4. Create downloadable materials for participants, detailing action items and real world cost estimates
  5. Provide a set of resource links for participants to refer to after the webinar sessions
Topics included:
  • Understanding the e-commerce work flow
  • Choosing the appropriate platform
  • Gathering and/or creating the content needed to successfully deploy an e-commerce product
  • Measuring stats and understanding analytics from various sources
  • Determining the most effective and cost efficient marketing options based on target demographics
  • Launching a successful e-commerce product


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