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Print collateral is still one of the pillars of “real world” engagement.

Whether it’s a business card dropped into a pocket or a flyer pulled out of a mailbox, there’s no denying that print collateral drives so much of the business that we take for granted.

Full color print capabilities have changed dramatically in the past twenty years also – sublimation printing and the availability of low cost, online print shops that offer some form of DIY tool has radically altered the need for high end graphic design for any number of projects.


There’s no replacement for professionally designed artwork for your print campaigns.  Just because I can see the moon does not make me a rocket scientist.  For the money spent and the number of trees killed, it’s really a good idea to make sure that the print collateral delivers on its promise and effectively utilizes the natural resources that went into creating it.  Just a thought.

While digital marketing reigns supreme in today’s world, print collateral still holds surprising value for businesses. Here are some key reasons why a business might opt to use print collateral in their marketing strategy:

  • Tangible presence: In a digital world brimming with fleeting content, print materials offer a physical touchpoint that creates a lasting impression. Brochures, postcards, business cards, and other tangible pieces can be held, examined, and even collected, giving your brand a more substantial presence than a fleeting online ad.
  • Increased engagement: Studies suggest people often process and retain information better from printed materials than digital sources. High-quality print collateral with captivating visuals and compelling text can grab attention and encourage deeper engagement with your message.
  • Targeted reach: Print allows you to target specific demographics or geographical areas in a way that may not be as effective online. Direct mail campaigns, local print publications, and event handouts can reach audiences who might not be active on social media or easily discover your website.
  • Credibility and trust: While online reviews and testimonials hold weight, there’s still an inherent sense of trust associated with professionally printed materials. This can be particularly valuable for established businesses or those offering premium products or services.
  • Complements digital marketing: Print collateral and digital marketing can work hand-in-hand. QR codes, website addresses, and social media handles on your print materials can bridge the gap between offline and online engagement, driving traffic to your digital platforms.
  • Memorable and unique: In a sea of digital ads, a well-designed piece of print collateral can stand out and be remembered long after it’s first seen. This can be especially useful for building brand awareness and differentiation.
  • Measurable results: While tracking specific conversions from print might be more challenging, you can still measure its effectiveness through response rates to calls to action, website traffic increases after print campaigns, and event attendance generated from printed invitations.
  • Cost-effective for specific campaigns: Depending on your goals and target audience, print marketing can be a cost-effective way to reach a specific group of people, like local communities or event attendees.
  • Emotional connection: High-quality printing allows for vibrant colors, textures, and interactive elements that can evoke emotions and create a deeper connection with your audience. This can be particularly effective for storytelling and promoting experiences.

In conclusion, while print collateral shouldn’t replace your digital marketing efforts, it still offers valuable benefits for many businesses. By understanding its strengths and utilizing it strategically, you can create a well-rounded marketing mix that reaches your target audience effectively and leaves a lasting impression.

My typical turnaround time on print collateral materials depends on the complexity of the design, and the number of revisions required to complete the artwork.

I work with a number of print shops locally – such as ProjectCenter AZ, as well as drop ship online print shops who handle print collateral for pre-shipment to trade shows or events in a location other than your own.

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