Pinterest Property Listings

Pinterest Property Listings

Can you really use Pinterest to help sell a property?

Pinterest is a fantastic resource, you’ll be sad if you’re not using it!

Pinterest is a unique social media platform in the way it has evolved; it’s much less a communications platform than it is a search and discover type of tool.  Unlike Instagram, you can directly link from boards and images to URLs that you choose.  This creates a myriad of opportunities to generate lots of exposure, especially for properties that need more marketing in order to sell for top dollar.


Here’s a listing that has accrued 785 followers in slightly more than 24 hours.

24 hours on Pinterest

I recommend Pinterest as a great way to generate engagement and increase your reach. 

There are some tricks to getting things set up the correct way to take advantage of the search capacity and to get your engagement levels up to the point that you not only have topic authority but you are seeing good traffic from your boards.

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