Pinterest Property Listings

Can you really use Pinterest property listings to help with real estate marketing?

Pinterest property listings are a fantastic resource, you’ll be sad if you’re not using them to land more listings!

Pinterest is a unique social media platform in the way it has evolved; it’s much less a communications platform than it is a search and discover type of tool.  Unlike Instagram, you can directly link from boards and images to URLs that you choose.  This creates a myriad of opportunities to generate lots of exposure, especially for properties that need more marketing in order to sell for top dollar.

An average Pinterest property listing can accrue as many as 1000 followers in slightly more than 24 hours.

I recommend Pinterest property listings as a great way to generate engagement and increase your reach. 

There are some tricks to getting things set up the correct way to take advantage of the search capacity and to get your engagement levels up to the point that you not only have topic authority but you are seeing good traffic from your boards.


Pin Your Way to Success: Why Pinterest is a Gem for Real Estate Listings

In the crowded world of real estate listings, standing out requires creativity and strategic thinking. Enter Pinterest, the visual haven where inspiration meets action, offering a unique platform to showcase your listed properties and attract potential buyers.

1. Eye-Catching Appeal: Forget dull descriptions and static photos. Pinterest thrives on vibrant visuals, allowing you to tell the story of your property through stunning images and even virtual tours. From captivating exterior shots to mouthwatering kitchen close-ups, each pin becomes a visual hook, drawing potential buyers in and igniting their desire.

2. Targeted Reach: Unlike broad advertising, Pinterest lets you target your ideal buyer. Utilize relevant keywords and boards related to specific locations, styles, or amenities. Imagine reaching first-time homebuyers searching for “cozy starter homes” or families drawn to “backyard havens” – your perfectly curated board lands right in their feed, sparking their interest.

3. Increased Engagement: Pinterest isn’t just a passive showcase; it’s a conversation starter. Pins with detailed descriptions, engaging captions, and relevant hashtags encourage comments and inquiries. Imagine answering questions about the neighborhood or sharing DIY home improvement tips, directly connecting with potential buyers and building trust.

4. Long-Lasting Impact: Unlike fleeting social media posts, pins have a longer shelf life. High-quality pins can get repinned and saved, staying visible to potential buyers long after the initial listing appears. Think of it as an evergreen marketing tool, continuously attracting interest even as weeks turn into months.

5. Brand Building: Your Pinterest board isn’t just about a single property; it’s an extension of your brand. Show your expertise by including pins about local hot spots, design trends, or valuable homeowner tips. This establishes you as a knowledgeable and trustworthy guide, making potential buyers more likely to choose you when the time comes.

6. Search Engine “Love”: It’s no secret that Google and other search engines adore Pinterest boards – they are almost like a magical wonderland of content for crawlers; between the eye-catching images (and many of them), they are already annotated by pinners, followed by others, and demonstrate popular interest in a format that lends itself to SEO returns when searched. 

Making the Most of Pinterest:

  • Create high-quality visuals: Invest in professional photography or utilize stunning virtual tours.
  • Target your audience: Utilize relevant keywords and boards to reach the right buyers.
  • Tell a story: Don’t just showcase rooms; highlight the lifestyle the property offers.
  • Engage with your audience: Respond to comments and questions, building trust and connections.
  • Track your results: Analyze your board’s performance to refine your strategy and maximize impact.

Remember, Pinterest is a visual playground. Embrace its creative potential, build unique Pinterest property listing boards and watch your real estate listings shine, attracting the perfect buyer and making your “sold” sign a reality.  This is also one of the most valuable techniques in your bag of real estate tricks for showing potential listing clients that you have an exceptional grasp of modern, digital marketing methods in the real estate sphere.

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