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The ongoing brief: build a local printer website for ProjectCenter that is clear and concise and meant to drive traffic to a separate e-commerce website for drop shipping fulfillment of certain orders.  Offer clients the opportunity to get quotes, upload files, and communicate with the shop staff.  An additional goal of search engine optimization was added nearly a year after the site rebuild was commissioned; editing the site text to drive organic search results took on a more primary focus.

Beyond Brochures: Why Your Local Printer Website Needs To Generate Leads & Sales

In today’s digital age, a simple storefront just isn’t enough for your local printing business. A well-designed local printer website acts as a powerful sales tool, showcasing services, attracting customers, and streamlining the printing process. However, a generic website template won’t suffice. For successful local printers, a custom-built website is the key to maximizing profitability and standing out from the competition.

Building a Local Printer Website that Delivers for Your Local Printing Business

A custom website goes beyond simply displaying contact information and a list of services. It needs to achieve specific goals for your business:

  • Increased Brand Awareness: A local printer website creates a strong online presence, allowing you to reach a wider audience beyond your immediate local market.
  • Lead Generation: The website should capture leads by offering online quote requests, order forms, and clear calls to action (CTAs) that encourage users to contact you for printing services.
  • Streamlined Sales Process: Allow customers to upload documents directly through the website for online quotes and order placement. This saves them time and allows you to efficiently manage orders.
  • Improved Customer Service: Offer a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to answer common queries and provide downloadable resources like file preparation guides. This demonstrates expertise and reduces customer support inquiries.

Essential Pages & Sections for Your Local Printing Business Website:

  • Homepage: This is your digital storefront’s first impression. Keep it clean, visually appealing, and focused on your core services. Use a clear headline, high-quality visuals showcasing your work, and prominent CTAs like “Get a Free Quote.
  • Services Page: Detail your printing services comprehensively. Include clear descriptions, pricing breakdowns for different print types (e.g., brochures, flyers, business cards), and paper stock options. Showcase examples on your local printer website of your work for each service to demonstrate your capabilities.
  • Ordering & Quotes Page: Make the ordering process easy and intuitive. Offer clear instructions for uploading files (specifying acceptable file formats and resolution requirements), and provide a user-friendly online quote request form. Highlight your turnaround times to set expectations.
  • About Us Page: Tell your story! Highlight your team’s expertise, experience, and commitment to quality. Showcase any awards or recognitions you’ve received to build trust with potential customers. This is an opportunity to make your local printer website shine.
  • FAQ Page: Address common customer questions related to file preparation, turnaround times, payment options, and delivery methods. This reduces customer support inquiries and positions you as a knowledgeable resource.
  • Contact Page: Include your physical address (if applicable), phone number, email address, and a contact form. Consider integrating a map for easy location identification.

Standing Out from the Crowd: The Power of Customization

While generic website templates offer a quick and cheap solution, they lack the flexibility and functionality needed to truly compete in the local printing market.

Here’s where a custom local printer website shines:

  • Unique Brand Identity: A custom website allows you to design a website that reflects your brand personality and differentiates you from competitors. This includes using your logos, colors, and fonts consistently for a cohesive brand image.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Custom websites can be built with SEO best practices in mind, using relevant keywords and optimizing page structure for search engines. This increases your website’s visibility in local search results, attracting organic traffic from potential customers searching for printing services.
  • Targeted Content & Functionality: You can tailor your local printer website content and features to your specific services and target audience. This could include showcasing a portfolio of work relevant to your local market or offering online ordering options for specific printing needs like school projects or event flyers.
  • Seamless User Experience: Custom websites offer superior user experience compared to generic templates. This includes a clean and organized layout, intuitive navigation, and mobile responsiveness – ensuring a smooth experience for visitors using any device.

Showcasing Your Expertise: Converting Website Traffic into Sales

A custom website allows you to showcase your capabilities and expertise in ways generic templates cannot:

  • High-Quality Portfolio: Integrate a dedicated portfolio section featuring high-resolution images of your best work. Showcase a variety of printing projects you’ve completed for past clients, categorized by industry or project type. This allows potential customers to visualize the quality of your work and see how your services can benefit them.
  • Testimonials & Case Studies: Include positive testimonials from satisfied clients. Consider featuring case studies that showcase how your printing services have helped businesses achieve their goals. This builds trust and demonstrates the value you bring as a printing partner.
  • Blog Section: Maintain a blog section offering informative content related to printing, design, and marketing. This positions you as an expert and attracts organic traffic through SEO. Blog topics could include tips for effective flyer design, choosing the right paper stock for business cards, or the environmental benefits of using recycled paper.
  • Interactive Features: Consider interactive features like online design tools or paper stock samples. An online design tool could allow customers to personalize basic templates for flyers or brochures, encouraging them to engage with your services. Offering downloadable paper stock samples provides a tangible element and allows customers to experience your paper quality firsthand.

Maximizing Profitability: Custom Websites vs. Template Solutions

Investing in a custom website translates to increased profitability for your printing business in several ways:

  • Higher Conversion Rates: A well-designed and user-friendly website with clear CTAs and a streamlined ordering process leads to a higher conversion rate – transforming website visitors into paying customers. This directly impacts your bottom line.
  • Reduced Dependence on Third-Party Tools: Generic templates often require additional plugins to achieve basic functionalities. Custom websites can be built with these functionalities integrated seamlessly, saving you money on ongoing plugin subscriptions.
  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns: A custom website allows for easier integration with marketing tools and analytics platforms. This allows you to track website traffic, user behavior, and identify valuable customer data. You can then use this data to launch targeted marketing campaigns through email marketing or social media advertising, promoting specific services to relevant customer segments.
  • Improved Customer Relationships: A custom website fosters stronger customer relationships through dedicated FAQ sections, downloadable resources, and a user-friendly online ordering process. This reduces customer service inquiries and creates a positive customer experience, encouraging repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Consider incorporating testimonials into your local printer website – consider using a solution that enables you to incorporate reviews left on Google or Yelp as well as the ones that customers send you directly.

Investing in Your Digital Future

In a competitive market, a custom website is not a luxury for local printers – it’s a necessity. A well-crafted local printer website attracts new customers, streamlines the ordering process, and ultimately drives sales and profitability. By showcasing your expertise, offering a seamless user experience, and leveraging targeted marketing opportunities, a custom website becomes a powerful sales tool.

Don’t settle for a generic template that blends into the background. Invest in a custom solution that makes your local printing business stand out and sets you on the path to digital success.

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