Podcast Series Production

How does the world see your podcast?

If you don’t have a separate website for your podcast, you definitely aren’t getting the most in sponsorship, listeners, downloads or subscribers.  And without a dedicated site to host your podcast, how will you truly know what kind of traffic numbers you are seeing?

Professionally produced podcasts always have a site that hosts show notes, episode extras and more.  Add mobile notifications to the mix for the best results.

Designing and executing on a well thought out podcast website includes making sure that all the elements are in the right place; it also includes devising an overall plan for growing your listener base as well as devising a framework that can be scaled easily and incorporate more complex elements for interactivity and monetization opportunities as your base grows.

Your podcast is your brand.

All of the elements of your podcast should work together – audio, video, web, and mobile – and the framework should include ways to capture and communicate with loyal listeners and future subscribers.

Podcasting isn’t just creating good audio or video content and pushing it out to the various platforms; it should also encapsulate your vision for growth along with the ability to add components to your omnichannel marketing efforts as the budget allows.

Talk to me about setting up a framework that enables you to spend your time producing content instead of attempting to manage the administrative and marketing functions that every successful podcast relies upon for the nuts and bolts of the business end.

Let’s talk.

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