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What does the world see when it looks at your business, brand, or product?

In the competitive world of website design, landing pages stand out as conversion champions. Unlike your website’s main hub, landing pages have laser-sharp focus, guiding visitors towards a single, enticing action. Imagine them as targeted ads, but in website form. This focused approach eliminates distractions, keeping visitors on the path to signing up, purchasing, or learning more.

Start with a landing page – a set of landing pages, actually – and grow your online presence in a specific and targeted method to rank well on SEO results, provide potential customers with EXACTLY the information they are searching for, and drive conversions at the initial sales and repeat business level.

Almost everyone has a website these days, it’s increasingly rare to find a company without some sort of web presence – even if it’s just a page on social media or a “Google My Business” listing.

Most internet searches for specific or local businesses occur on mobile devices, which makes it critical that your website function as well, if not better, on a mobile device than a desktop.

How can you increase the chances that visitors will want to know more?

A well organized site with simple, easy to use navigation, speedy load times, and small file sizes is the key to success for the vast majority of small businesses online.

Creating the basic framework for your online real estate is pretty straightforward; tweaking the output to streamline the number and size of the elements requires patience, testing, and the skillset needed to generate the best combination of file sizes and visual output.

Landing pages offer you the ability to “test run” with different ad campaigns, different combinations of text and images designed for SEO ranking, and allow you to utilize multiple front doors for solid A/B testing when you add new products or refresh your site contents.

Their value goes beyond just conversions.

Landing pages gather valuable data, revealing what resonates with your audience and allowing you to optimize for even better results.

They act as bridges between your marketing campaigns and your brand, ensuring a seamless transition and building trust with clear messaging.

Whether you’re launching a new product, offering a free download, or capturing leads, landing pages are powerful tools that shouldn’t be overlooked in your website design strategy.

Customizing the framework takes your website to the next level.

Whether you are an e-commerce site attempting to increase your average ticket size using suggestive selling, or you are an event photographer pushing hard to increase event bookings as we begin to gather in larger numbers, it’s mission critical that you spend some time working out what the most important aspects of your website might be, as well as determining what the functional priorities need to be in order to help grow your business or support your current customer base.

I build unique sites that are specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Before I start working on your site, we’ll sit down and talk about your goals and objectives, discuss what’s worked in the past and what has not, and we will create a plan that incorporates your initial wishes while leaving room for expansion or revisions as needed.

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Landing pages, I love landing pages!

If you don’t know about landing pages and how to best deploy them to generate excitement and offer additional creative options for marketing and advertising campaigns, then we should talk.

If you are looking for customized (and easily customizable) landing page templates that you can adapt for A/B testing or specific campaigns, then I’m available to consult and create completed pages or templates for reuse.

Looking for lighting fast web hosting for your websites and landing pages?  As part of my bespoke service, I offer affordable plans for simple sites. 

Get up to date stats, SEO reports and more if you choose to have me work on your basic search engine strategy.  Or work with one of my qualified partners on a more comprehensive SEO strategy while I take care of the updates and site management – included in the hosting cost. 

Let’s talk.

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